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You can list unlimited listings for free.
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You can list any equipment with usList your items on Rent and Lend and enjoy more income
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user avatarJerzy
11.00 PLN for a day
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user avatarEwelina
Canon EOS R
26.00 PLN for a day
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user avatarAdam
Oculus Rift VR
18.00 PLN for a day
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user avatarMirek
Vespa 801
44.00 PLN for a day
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user avatarAgata
12.00 PLN for a day
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What are the benefits of using Rent and Lend?
Unlimited listings for freeYou have an unlimited number of listings at your disposal, free of charge so you can list as much equipment as you want
Hassle-free invoicingRent and Lend will generate an invoice for your clients, and you have easy access to all of them. And most importantly - you pay nothing for it.
A source of income for your company, also in the off-seasonWe promote Rent and Lend on and off-line, making your offer reaches a lot of new customers who will rent your items
Security guaranteeWe verify all users using an SMS code and by the DotPay verification transfer
Listing your equipment in secondsYou will quickly list many items thanks to the listings-duplication feature: 1) list your item 2) copy the listing 3) make changes to the copy 4) Ready!
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Frequently asked questions
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What are the costs of using Rent and Lend?

The only cost of using Rent and Lend is 16% commision taken from successfull transactions. Example: You have listed an item seting the daily rental price to 100 PLN. Mateusz has rented the item for one day. Rent and Lend will charge 16 PLN on this transaction meanwhile you will get 84 PLN. For the first 2 months of using Rent and Lend we do not charge any commission. If you want to get lower commission contact us.

Does Rent and Lend verify its users?

We verify our users by the SMS code and the DotPay bank transfer. The users who have not completed the verification process cannot order the items or withdraw the money earned on Rent and Lend.

How much costs the lisitng on Rent and Lend?

Listing items on Rent and Lend is free of charge. You can list unlimited items for free.

How does the invoicing work on Rent and Lend?

When someone ordered a rental of your item and paid for it, Rent and Lend will automatically generate an invoice on your behalf for this customer. You can download the invoice in the I'm offering tab in the user menu - open the chosen order and click Invoice Download. It will be a standard VAT invoice. If you need a different type of invoice, please contact us. Apart from that, Rent and Lend will issue an invoice for the commission taken from the rental transaction concerning your item. Thanks to this, you can later use this invoice to settle the commission as a tax-deductible cost. The Rent and Lend invoice will be sent to your email right after someone orders a rental of your item. You do not have to pay this invoice - the commission is charged automatically.

What is Rent and Lend?

Rent and Lend is a nationwide platform for renting and lending items. It is used by individuals and businesses throughout the country. Rent and Lend enables businesses and physical persons to earn funds on lending their items. On the other hand users can find on the platform equipment they need at affordable prices.

Transparent settlements

16% commission only from successful transactions

Want a lower commission?Contact us

The first two months are commission-free

Professional invoicing

We issue invoices for your clients on your behalf, and you pay nothing for it. You have convenient access to all your invoices in one place.

+ 3000 active Rent and Lend users


I have borrowed a sewing machine on Rent and Lend paying 53 zlotys for 7 days. The transaction ran smoothly and in a nice atmosphere. What more could you want? ;)


I have a few unused tools and decided to list them on Rent and Lend. Recently, I earned 59 zlotys renting them out for 2 days.


When I needed a screw gun, I borrowed it on Rent and Lend the same day. I paid just 15 PLN - awesome!

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